Network 21 Meeting, Nov 4 2021, Odense

Planned time and place of the network meetings: 4 Nov 2021 at 12.30- 13.15 in U150, Odense.
• we were not able to have a meeting during the conference
• we planned to send an email to the NW21 email list to inform about the meeting topics

Activities in NERA 2021 Odense, Denmark
• The conference staff did the organisation of the paper sessions; convenors were not involved.
• There were too many parallel sessions on Wednesday and only one session on Thu morning, which was not ideal.

Planned activities 2021-20222
• mailing list and NW21 pages have been rather passive and the convenors have been planning to initiate a bi-monthly newsletter
• As we were not able to meet during the conference, there is a plan to organise a thematic online meeting before the NERA2022 conference in Reykjavik and we would like to apply for NERA financial support to organize an online event
• we will actively try to recruit more members

New co-convener
• Taina Saarinen was stepping down. New co-convener of NW21 is Dr. Helena Hinke Dobrochinski Candido, University of Helsinki, Finland (
• Ulpukka Isopahkala-Bouret is stepping down in 2022 and we will try to find a suitable person to replace her as network convener.

Ulpukka Isopahkala-Bouret & Helena Candido

Network 21 meeting March 5, 2020, Turku

Welcome to the Network meeting of NW 21 Politics of Education and Education Policy Studies

Time and place: Thursday 5th March, 2020,  15.30-16.15  

Building PUBLICUM, Room Pub 309 Agenda:

  1. Reflection of NW21 activities at NERA 2020
  2. Post-conference activities 2019-20
  3. Activities 2020-2021
  4. Other issues

Minutes of Network 21 meeting, Uppsala, 2019


Minutes for the network 21 (Politics of Education and Educations Policy Studies) meeting,

Time and place: 7th March, 2019, 15.45 – 16.30; Uppsala University Main Building.



  1. Activities in NERA 2019 Uppsala

– On the network sessions:

– 11 (7) sessions, 2 (0) symposia, 0 (0)  round table, 1 (0) poster=> app 47 presenters, discussants etc

–        none rejected, none moved

–        New NW Social Justice overlapping?

  1. Joint sessions? Cohesion, co-operation in programme drafting-

–        Sessions on two days vs 3? Slight preference for three (easier to follow as many sessions as possible)


  1. Activities between NERA 2018 and 2019:

–        mailing list 46 members

–        Plans for co-operation with other networks on publication fell through this year


  1. Activities 2019-2020

–  redo the publications workshop (maybe with NW 4?)

–  1 hour session on drafting a policy brief on policies of publication


  1. New conveners for 2020?

–   Taina stepping down – new convener needed

6. John gave a brief about general meeting

  • – change of NSE to open access => possible APCs for authors?)



Taina Saarinen & Ulpukka Isopahkala-Bouret, NW 21 Conveners




Barbara Schulte, Lund University

John Benedicto Kreijsler, Aarhus University

Palle Rasmussen, Aalborg University

Gunn-Britt Wärvik, Univ of Gothenburg

Lisbeth Lundahl, Univ. of Umeå

Petteri Hansen, Univ. of Helsinki

Lucas Lundbye Cone, DPU, Aarhus University

Anthemis Raptopoulou, IPD, Stockholm University

Ulrika Bergstrand, Mid Sweden University, U. of Gävle

Maria Terning, Linköping U.

Taina Saarinen, Jyväskylä U.


Network meeting minutes from March 24, 2017, Copenhagen

Minutes for the network21 (Politics of Education and Educations Policy Studies) meeting

Network report

Time and place: 24th March, 2017, Aalborg University, Copenhagen


  1. Activities in NERA 2017 Copenhagen
    • On the final programme:
    • 9 paper sessions, 2 symposia (2016: 10 paper sessions, 5 symposia, 1 round table)
  1. Activities between NERA 2016 and 2017:
    • continued co-operation with SERA (Palle Rasmussen NERA & George Head SERA)
    • Three SERA papers in this years’ conference
    • no pre-conference in 2017 (an overlapping NOCIES pre conference)
    • mailing list has 41 members
  1. Activities 2017-2018
    • Discussion of
      1. Co-operation with international assiciations (SERA & others). Suggestions: organizing an “International office” at NERA 2018 to make other organisations visible? A meet and greet table? John Benedicto Krejsler will take up with NERA board the level of co-operation and formality
      2. Contacts with organizers of NERA 2018: if no overlapping thematic pre-conference, then organize own. Theme: PhD students, publication.
  1. Attendants in network meeting on March 24, 2017, Copenhagen:


Palle Rasmussen Aalborg U.
John Benedicto Krejsler, Aarhus U.
Barbara Schulte, Lund U.
Christian Ydesen, Aalborg U.
Rita Foss Lindblad, Borås U.
Sverker Lindblad, Gothenburg U.
Yukiko Sawano, U. of the Sacred Heart
Anders Trumberg, Institute of Housing and Urban Research
Susanne Fransson, Gothenburg University
Taina Saarinen U. of Jyväskylä (convenor)

Network meeting at NERA 2017

Welcome to the Network meeting of NW 21 Politics of Education and Education Policy Studies

Time and place: Friday 24th March, 2017,  15.30-16:15 (during coffee break; feel free to bring your coffee) at room 2.0.004 .


  1. Reflection of NW21 activities at NERA 2017
  2. Post-conference activities 2016
  3. Activities 2017-2018
  4. Other issues


Taina Saarinen & Ulpukka Isopahkala-Bouret

Network report 2016

Minutes for Network21 meeting & Network report
Time and place: 10th March, 2016, 15.00 – 15.45; Small Festival Hall.

Attendants: see below


  1. Activities in NERA 2016 Helsinki
    • On the network sessions:
    • 10 sessions, 5 symposia, 1 round table, 1 poster=> app 60 presenters, discussants etc
    • 8 papers + one symposium moved to other networks, 2 rejected
  2. Activities between NERA 2015 and 2016:
    • co-operation with SERA, Marianne Dovemark, Palle Rasmussen & Taina Saarinen participated in SERA annual conference in Aberdeen, presenting a Nordic panel The present situation and challenges for education policy in Nordic welfare states
    • We applied for and received pre-conference funding from NERA, but decided not to organize a pre-conference because of the overlapping JustEd pre-conference
  1. Activities 2016-2017
    • Continued co-operation with national organizations – John Benedicto Krejsler will take discussions up with NERA Board
      1. Co-operation particularly with and between national organisations outside the Nordic countries
      2. Perhaps a panel in NERA 2017?
      3. continue discussions during the spring about organisation & funding
    • Continued discussion on the pre-conference
      1. focus will be on doctoral students, but also more senior researchers will be welcomed
      2. The idea for the theme: Publishing of policy studies in education
        1. discussions / informal sessions / workshop on journal publishing
        2. practical de-mystification of the review process
        3. Inviting editors from Scandinavian journals


On behalf of the  meeting
Taina Saarinen & Ulpukka Isopahkala-Bouret, NW 21 Convenors

Attendants in network meeting on March 10, 2016, Helsinki:

Ulpukka Isopahkala-Bouret U. of Helsinki
Taina Saarinen U. of Jyväskylä
Palle Rasmussen U. of Aalborg
Caroline Runesdotter U. of Gothenburg
Gun-Britt Wårvik, U. of Gothenburg
Katharina Sass, U. of Bergen
Sonja Kosunen, U. of Helsinki
Piia Seppänen, U. of Turku
Jaakko Kauko, U. of Tampere
Galina Gurova, U. of Tampere
Hannele Pitkänen, U. of Helsinki
Heidi Vartiainen, U. of Helsinki
John Benedicto Krejsler, Aarhus U.

Announcement for SERA sponsored NW21 paper session at SERA 2015, Aberdeen

Following the pre-conference outcomes in NERA 2015, The SERA (Scottish Educational Research Association) invites NERA Network 21 to hold an invited NW21 (Politics of Education and Education Policy Studies) session at their 2015 conference, 18-20 November, at the University of Aberdeen.

The session can take the form of a paper session or symposium. NW21 members are invited to organise a symposium session or submit individual papers.

SERA has generously waived the fee of three NW21 delegates (320 £, appr. 450 Euro).

Paper proposals require a 250 word abstract. Symposium proposals should include a 200 word abstract of the symposium theme and  250 word abstracts from each participant.

Proposals should follow the following requirements:

  • thematically relevant for NW21 (Politics of Education and Education Policy Studies),
  • ideally relevant for SERA 2015 theme “Education as (if) the whole Earth mattered”.
  • suitable for an international audience

All proposals should be sent to by August 7, 2015.

Proposals will be selected by NW21 and SERA jointly. Decisions are announded  by August 15.

More information on the SERA website,

Pre-conference memo from March 2015

Politics of education and education policy studies: Pre-conference meeting at NERA 2015 Gothenburg, March 3,  2015


  • Opening the pre-conference, getting to know each other, general discussion on the objectives (Taina Saarinen and Arja Haapakorpi to lead discussion)
  • Lunch
  • Defining the sub-goals and preparing the action plan
  • Discussion on developing co-operation with other educational research organisations and EERA (present in discussions we have George Head of EERA)
  • Discussing interest in collaboration on research (Palle Rasmussen to lead discussion)
  • Discussing options for collaboration in doctoral studies; discussing possibilities for a summer school session for doctoral students (PhD students Sonja Kosunen and Anna Maria Fjellman to lead discussion)


At Network 21 meeting at Lillehammer 2014 we observed that we have overlapping activities with NERA and EERA. In other words, there are possibilities for co-operation (either at conferences or between conferences).

There might also be a need for co-operation in (Nordic, European, other) funding.

Nordic co-operation would create possibilities for development of doctoral studies within the field of education policy studies.

We decided to organize a pre-conference which aims at promoting Nordic collaboration of researchers in education policy.

Outcome of the pre-conference

 Organisation of NETWORK 21

No new organisations needed, but

  • We need to provide a platform some forms of activity (workshops, sessions), organising thematic sessions
  • We might have invited / guest sessions at NERA, SERA? i.e SERA session at the next NERA 2016?
  • invited speakers from sister organisations?
  • activities between conferences to create continuity?
  • and social networking!

=> co-operation needs to be open and transparent

Co-operation between sociologists and policy sessions, for instance every other year a joint workshop at EERA?

Co-operation between different disciplines – how is this possible? How to bring together education researchers and sociologists?

Immediate action:

  • pre-conference at NERA 2016
  • doctoral students + some seniors (other than supervisors)
  • abstracts and ”full” papers
  • presentation and long round table discussion
  • does not exclude from presenting at the conference
  • could eventually lead to organisation of summer schools?
  • and social networking!

Long term action:

  • short research visits
  • joint publishing, for instance thematic issues at SJE, NSE
  • funding? From Erasmus?